Garden State Hotel

101 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Set in the cosmopolitan heart of Flinders Lane, Garden State Hotel is a sprawling four level
venue where outside becomes in and new experiences begin.
The hotel takes its name from Victoria’s century- old title, ‘The Garden State’, highlighting the defining feature of the venue; the enormous multi- levelled beer garden which is set in the centre of the pub. From the unassuming façade you will be surprised at the sheer size of the venue when you walk through the doors, which from bottom to top boasts a basement cellar bar (The Rose Garden),
a traditional Public Bar, a designated dining space (The Garden Grill), a private dining room on level 1 (The Balcony Dining Room) and a glamorous, light-filled functions space (The Observatory) on the top level.

Chosen Charity

Food, Wi-Fi

101 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC, Australia