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Q&A With Claire Sprouse of the USBG

May 22, 2014
Claire Sprouse
Photo: courtesy of Claire Sprouse

Not only is Claire Sprouse a talented bartender, but she’s an active member of the US Bartenders Guild, and she’s been an amazing advocate for Negroni Week. We chatted with Sprouse about where she’ll be pouring and sipping during Negroni Week this year.

Imbibe: Tell us about your role with the USBG and how you’ve been helping to get the word out about Negroni Week this year. 
Claire Sprouse: My title with the USBG is “National Program Coordinator.” For 2014’s Negroni Week, I’ve been given the task of organizing our 42 USBG chapters’ charitable efforts. Strong leaders in each chapter have stepped up to join us in helping promote Negroni Week. We also asked each chapter to select a local charity, so that our 4,000+ members have the option to rally and contribute their Negroni Week donations to that chosen organization. The sentiment here is that a focused, larger amount of donations to a single charity will make a larger impact. At the end of the day though, we’re just trying to spread the word and get Negronis in our guests’ hands for lots of good causes!

Imbibe: Do you remember your first Negroni?
CS: I vaguely remember hating my first Negroni—the Campari was a shock to my system! Funny enough though, I think it was only a few months before I was chugging them everywhere I went.

Imbibe: How do you take your Negroni these days?
CS: On the rocks, with Fords Gin and Dolin Rouge. Classic!

Imbibe: Where will you be pouring during Negroni Week?
CS: Aside from helping organize all of our 42 USBG Chapters’ charitable efforts for Negroni Week, I run the bar program at The Square in San Francisco. I’ll be there all week long, spreading Negroni love.

Imbibe: Where else will you be drinking during Negroni Week?
CS: I’ll be all over, via email, checking in on all of our USBG Chapters. Aside from that, I’ll probably be sipping a Negroni from my sweetheart at Trick Dog—he makes the best Negroni, but I might be biased.