Negroni Week News

Negroni Salt is Here

May 28, 2015

We’ve had a blast working with the team at Jacobsen Sea Salt to create a special-edition Negroni Salt. If you don’t know, Jocobsen harvests sea salt in Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, and they make some of the finest salts in the world. Get your own tin of Negroni Salt HERE—$1 of every tin sold goes to Mercy Corps.—and read on to find out a little more about the inspiration for and creation of the Negroni Salt from Matthew Domingo of Jacobsen.

Imbibe: How long have you guys been making cocktail salts and what inspired them?
Matt Domingo: We’ve been making our cocktail salt for several years now, and the inspiration came naturally. At Jacobsen Salt Co., we believe that good salt is the key to unlocking layers of flavor. And if high-quality, hand-harvested salt could make food taste that much better, why wouldn’t it work for cocktails? That said, we recently changed the process of making our cocktail salt! We sort the salt through a smaller screen, which creates a salt that is just a tiny bit finer than our previous cocktail salt iterations. But this tiny difference in size results in a huge difference in the salt’s ability to rim a glass.

Imbibe: How did the Negroni Salt come to be? What was the creation process like?
MD: Working with the editors of Imbibe, our idea was to create a unique cocktail salt that would work perfectly for Negroni Week. We decided to take one of the main ingredients of the Negroni cocktail—Campari—deconstruct the flavor profile, and then create a salt with notes of Campari, orange zest and juniper berries.

Where will you be drinking for a cause during Negroni Week?
MD: As usual, we will be frequenting the bars of our loyal Portland customers! To name a few: Kachka, Irving St. Kitchen, Imperial, Urban Farmer, Racion, OX, and Raven & Rose.