Negroni Week News

Exciting Changes to Negroni Week

April 18, 2017

We’re excited to announce some new changes to Negroni Week for 2017. This year’s venue sign-up process includes two new features: an upfront donation and a curated list of charities. In addition to ensuring that charities receive all of the donations they’re promised, the upfront donation creates a simplified donation process for participating venues, allowing them to make an immediate donation and come back to the site to make additional donations if they so choose. The minimum required donation is only $25, but we hope most venues will be able to donate more than that and will feel generous enough to return to the site to donate more.

This year we’re also offering a curated charity list. In addition to allowing us to have a list of charity partners that’s been fully vetted, this curated list simplifies the selection process for bars who have no idea ahead of time which charity they want to support. We also want to be able to have a greater financial impact on our charity partners, and a smaller list allows that to happen. This year’s official charity partner list is comprised of local, national and global charities across a range of causes, and they represent charities that have been popular among Negroni Week participants in the past. There’s something for everyone on the list—animals, arts, education, environment, health, homelessness, hospitality support, veterans, hunger, international aid, etc.—and you can check out the list here.

If you’d like to recommend a charity for future inclusion—or if you have any questions or suggestions—we’d love to hear from you, so please email us at negroniweek @ Sign-ups for 2017 are now open, and you can head here to register your venue.