Negroni Week News

Bloggers Celebrate Negroni Week 2015

June 3, 2015

A few of our favorite cocktail bloggers have taken the time to create special Negroni riffs of their own in celebration of Negroni Week. We’ll take one of everything, please.

Tuxedo No. 2
The Telekinesis (Pictured)
Meredith Kalmes and Chrissy Clark of cocktail blog Tuxedo No. 2—which, if you haven’t checked it out yet, is well worth a read—created The Telekinesis in response to the more well-known Rosita (another Negroni riff). They knew they were in love with the combination of yellow Chartreuse and blanco tequila, and dissatisfied with the Rosita as it stood, and out of love and frustration, a new cocktail was born. Click here for the full recipe.

Stir & Strain
A Coconut Coffee Negroni
Elana swaps St. George’s coffee liqueur for sweet vermouth and combines that bittersweet, robust liqueur with toasted coconut-infused gin and a touch of Campari to create the ultimate after-dinner Negroni. Click here for the full recipe.

The Moorish Dance
If you’d rather not take the time to infuse gin and track down a bottle of coffee liqueur, this cocktail is your answer. Here, Elana lets Zucca amaro stand in for both the Negroni’s traditional sweet vermouth AND Campari. Click here for the full recipe.

Melbourne Cocktails
The Australia-based cocktail blog Melbourne Cocktails has put together a lovely tribute to the Negroni as well as created a few special Negroni Week recipes like a spiced Negroni tea and these delicious-sounding Negroni Lamingtons. Click here for the recipes.


Photo Credit: Meredith Kalmes and Chrissy Clark