Negroni Week News

Eat Your Negroni

June 8, 2016
Chocolate Negroni Truffle_Scala's Bistro (1)

With more than 6,000 participating venues and a myriad of cocktail creatives crafting ingenious Negroni riffs, it’s not surprise that Negroni Week has moved into the food world. So if you’re feeling peckish while you drink your way through the week, a host of bars, restaurants and bakeries are offering Negroni-themed culinary creations.

Known for their cocktail-inspired confections, Prohibition Bakery in New York will be serving both mini Negroni cupcakes along with vibrant red Negroni Rumdrops. And joining the lineup of stellar pastries at Common Bond Cafe and Bakery in Houston will be a Campari-flavored French macaroon and a surely Instagram-worthy Negroni entremet (a small, layered cake). Chicago’s Knife & Tine will be making an intriguing Negroni Pie with blood orange whipped cream.

San Francisco’s eclectic ice cream parlor Humphry Slocombe will be scooping Negroni sundaes with Campari ice cream, housemade vermouth caramel and candied orange zest. Also keeping things cool will be Bit House Saloon in Portland with their Otter Pop-style Negronicicles, and The Black Cat in L.A. whose decadent Il Dolce Negroni will consist of apple and sweet vermouth ice cream, almond biscotti, candied orange peel and Campari whipped cream. And Portland’s new Wiz Bang Bar (from the ice cream creatives that brought us Salt and Straw) will be scooping up Negroni floats with rhubarb sorbet topped with Campari, sweet vermouth and seltzer, garnished with spiced gin syrup and candied clementines.

Tradition in San Francisco is getting playful with barrel-aged Negroni jello shots and a cocktail of gin and smoked sweet vermouth topped with Campari cotton candy. And Scala’s Bistro will pair their barrel-aged Negroni with a luscious, house-made white chocolate Negroni truffle (pictured above).

Still hungry for more? Check out the Negroni Week shop for edible goodies like Bisou Chocolate’s boulvardier truffles, the Miss Jones Baking Co. candied Negroni baking kit, Sprinkles Cupcakes’ Orange Blossom Negroni ice cream, and for sweet or savory uses the Negroni salt by Jacobsen Salt Co. Bon apetit!